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Objectiva Software Solutions (Objectiva) is the leading specialist of China-based software outsourcing services to ISV’s and Enterprise companies. Objectiva is a US-headquartered corporation founded in 2001 and acquired by the German group Allgeier SE in 2018.  Our focus is to help our clients in the US, Europe and China to achieve time-to-market advantage, drive technology innovation, and gain cost-effective access to world-class software engineering resources globally. From on-site to offshore, Objectiva’s software engineering teams deliver projects and products while helping our clients achieve their business goals. Our experienced U.S. and China based Project Management, Architecture, Software Development, QA, Testing, Support, and Professional Services experts are engaged in leading and supporting technology activities for our clients globally.

With presence throughout the U.S. as well as Beijing and Xi’an in China and more recently in Germany, Objectiva helps clients develop customized enterprise software and solutions, software for Cloud and mobile platforms, eCommerce implementations, high-fidelity content and document management applications, and real-time data systems and applications.

Objectiva’s teams are run by local technical leaders with multiple years of experience managing global software development operations on-premise, SaaS and Cloud platforms. Our technical leaders bring strong communication and collaboration skills that ensure smooth and efficient interaction between global teams.

Objectiva Software Solutions increases clients software R&D performance. Superior software quality, lower costs, on-time delivery, quicker time-to-market, and access to China are delivered.



executive leadership

nasser barghouti, phd.
chief executive officer
Nasser is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Objectiva Software Solutions. He is responsible for Objectiva’s vision, strategic account oversight (Client Trusted Advisor), and setting the goals of the company.  Previously Nasser was CTO of EMC Document Sciences, Associate Director at Bear Stearns, and member of technical staff at AT&T Labs and Bell Labs. Nasser has been with Objectiva since its inception and enjoys travel, hiking, cooking and coffee.  Nasser received his BS, MS, and PhD, all in Computer Science, from Columbia University in New York.

nasser barghouti, phd.

chief executive officer

Nasser is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Objectiva Software Solutions. He is responsible for Objectiva’s vision, strategic account oversight (Client Trusted Advisor), and setting the goals of the company. Previously Nasser was CTO of EMC Document Sciences, Associate Director at Bear Stearns, and member of technical staff at AT&T Labs and Bell Labs. Nasser has been with Objectiva since its inception and enjoys travel, hiking, cooking and coffee. Nasser received his BS, MS, and PhD, all in Computer Science, from Columbia University in New York.


yiping tan, phd.

Chief Operations Officer

Yiping oversees all aspects of operations. His areas of expertise include software development processes, principles and frameworks (CMMi, Scrum); project leadership, mentorship and management; object-oriented analysis, enterprise systems design and programming; pattern recognition, statistical data analysis, and simulation of random processes. He has been with Objectiva since inception and enjoys hiking and any activity that leads to nature and physics as well as any exploration that uncovers how things work. Yiping received his BSc in Nuclear Physics from the Fudan University at Shanghai, PhD. in Particle Physics from the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHEP/CAS) in Beijing, and EMBA from Guanghua School of Management at the Peking University. He was also a visiting scholar at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) at the Stanford University in California.


Cecilia Young

General Manager, China

Cecilia heads the Project Management Office (PMO), Delivery Operations Office (DOO), and HR department of the company to ensure we have the best talent to create the best customer experience. Her experience is in managing organizational operations, building corporate culture and world-class teams. Cecilia comes from a diverse business background and has held executive and senior management positions in multinational corporations, Sino-US joint-ventures and business conglomerates in Canada and Hong Kong, prior to joining Objectiva in 2005. She enjoys traveling, swimming and cooking for family gatherings and parties. Cecilia received her BA in English and Marketing, as well as Post-graduate Diploma of Business Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Jim Thill

VP, Business Development

Jim leads the business development and marketing efforts at Objectiva. Prior to joining Objectiva, Jim founded Red Safi, a digital agency that was acquired by Objectiva, which designed and built Web, mobile and console based applications. Before Red Safi, Jim was the Senior Product Manager for Silverlight Media at Microsoft. Jim received his BA degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in International Relations. In his spare time, he enjoys chasing his toddler around the house with his wife, cooking and almost any sport.


Kim Cook, FLMI, AIRC

VP, Commerce

Kim leads the Commerce practice at Objectiva Software Solutions and is responsible for the successful delivery of all commerce implementations and building new relationships for Objectiva in the Commerce space. Her areas of expertise include sales, project management, software product engineering, leading teams, and client management. Kim has been with Objectiva since 2010 and enjoys travel, spending time with her family and exercise. Kim has a BS in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University.


Sharon Shi

Vice President of Finance

Sharon is responsible for the company’s overall finance functions leading the organization to establish our finance policies, operation procedures, and the budgeting and reporting system. Her experience is in business operations, budgeting, forecasting, reports and policy development. She joined Objectiva in 2008 and enjoys running and badminton. Sharon received her BA in Economics from the Capital University of Economics and Business, and MBA from the Tsinghua University.


Ross Han, PhD., PMP

General Manager, Xi’an Delivery Center

Ross is responsible for delivery, technology, staffing, general management, local business development, sales, and driving growth of the delivery center in Xian. He specializes in software R&D group management and software development engineering management (CMMi and Scrum). Prior to joining Objectiva in 2007, Ross was the software R&D group manager at Cybersoft Technology Xi’an responsible for leading the center’s delivery. He enjoys running, reading, cooking and time with his kids. Ross received his BSc, MSc and PhD. in Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation from the Northwestern Polytechnic University in Xi’an of China.


Jay Pan, PMP

Vice President of Delivery

Jay oversees Objectiva’s delivery of all services. An expert on Agile and CMMi methodologies, Jay specializes in establishing, expanding, training, mentoring, monitoring and improving project teams. He started with Objectiva in 2004 and enjoys reading, running, and traveling. Jay received his BSc and MSc in Computer Science from the University of Science and Technology of Beijing.


Guo Liang, PMP

Vice President of Technology

Liang is responsible for the strategic technical direction of Objectiva. He has been the Chief Architect of the company leading the software architect team on solution design, performance engineering and code quality improvement. Liang has over 20 years of software engineering experience with focus on cloud computing, big data analysis, dynamic content management, digital publishing, and mobile platforms. He joined Objectiva in 2001 and enjoys playing chess, hiking, and badminton. Liang received his BSc in Applied Mathematics from the University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Beijing.


Peter Wang

VP of China Business Development

Peter joined Objectiva in 2011 as a Delivery Director and became the Vice President of Business Development for the Chinese market in 2018. His areas of expertise include business strategies and solutions, client and project management, product development as well as software engineering. He enjoys go-carting, movies and music. Peter received his Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the Peking University.



Travis Williams

Senior Director, Software Consulting Services

Travis leads the Business Software Services & Consulting practice at Objectiva Software Solutions and is responsible for successfully building partnerships that utilize Objectiva’s core software development and quality assurance competencies. He has over 20 years in the software development and program/project management space. Travis has previously worked in C-level consulting and executive roles at Eze Software, Bank of America, HSBC, and Capital One. He prioritizes family, travel experiences, and technology as passions. Travis has a BS in Management Information Systems from Texas Tech University.


Harry Li

Client Director

Harry is a Client Director for strategic accounts. He oversees delivery management, client engagement and building out engineering teams. Starting as an engineer himself, Harry came with international enterprise experience as well as managing global delivery teams in a wide range of industries. He’s well-versed in Agile methodology and execution. Harry graduated from Xidian University with a BS, Computer Science. He likes a good movie and a nice cup of coffee.


Vivian Jiang, PMP

Delivery Director

Vivian ensures business vision is achieved with technology. She has strong background in cloud application development, product development, quality assurance, project management, engineering processes and team management. Vivian joined Objectiva in 2002. She enjoys traveling and time with her son. Vivian received her BSc from the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and MSc in Software Engineering from the BeiHang University in Beijing.


Brian Fu, PMP

Delivery Director

Brian is the Delivery Director for eBusiness and has led high performing teams at fortune 100 companies like Accenture and HSBC. Being keen on Agile development, he is a certified ScrumMaster as well as certified Product Owner. Brian’s strengths are in project management, team building, and software engineering as well as helping companies to achieve success with technology. He joined Objectiva in 2014 and enjoys swimming, playing badminton and driving. Brian received his BSc and MSc in Electronic Engineering from the University of Electronic Sciences and Technology of China, and MBA from the Webster University of the USA.


Gary Yuan, PMP

delivery director

Gary specializes in software R&D and Dynamic Content development with strengths in software development, quality assurance, and EMC’s xPression. Gary has a deep understanding of and solid background in project management, team management and software development. He joined Objectiva in 2007 and enjoys hiking, reading, playing badminton and time with family. Gary received his BSc of System Engineering from the University of Architecture and Technology in Xi’an.


Ken Lin

Senior Project Manager

Ken leads the Delivery Operations Office (DOO) to continuously improve Objectiva’s delivery processes as well as monitoring and measuring the performance of the various delivery teams of the company. Ken joined Objectiva in 2005 and his strengths are project management, software engineering, and quality assurance. He is a fan of Impressionism and enjoys reading, traveling and hiking. Ken got his BSc in Material Science from the Beijing Institute of Technology and MSc in Computer Science from the Peking University.


Ben Ziff

Senior Director, Dynamic Content

Ben is the Senior Director for the Dynamic Content Practice. Ben has a deep understanding of the Dynamic Content and Content Management space. Ben’s experience is in program, project, team, and operational management, with focus on defining and realizing organizational strategy with people with a concentration in the Insurance and Financial Services vertical markets. Ben enjoys skiing, playing hockey and hiking.


Tracy Liu

Senior Manager, Human Resources and Administration

Tracy manages the full spectrum of Human Resources and General Administration in Objectiva China. She is responsible for establishing human resources objectives in line with organizational objectives, including talent acquisition, compensation & benefits, ,performance management, training and development, legal compliance and employee relations … etc. She joined Objectiva in 2003 and enjoys reading and traveling. Tracy received her BSc in Business Administration from the Beijing Institute of Technology; and a Postgraduate Diploma in Organization and Human Resource Management from Institute for China Business of the Hong Kong University.


Winway Lu,PMP

IT Director

Winway is the IT Director of Objectiva Software Solutions. He is responsible for Objecitva’s IT systems and overseeing the IT services for internal and external customers. His experience is in converting business requirements into technical solutions, developing enterprise IT systems, supervising corporate IT operations, establishing standards, innovation, and project management. Previously Winway was IT Infrastructure Manager of Sinotrack, IT Services SME at Huawei, and supervisor of Systems & Network Group at Joyo.com. Winway has been with Objectiva since its second year. He enjoys traveling, reading history, driving out of the city, and spending time with his family. Winway received his BSc in Computer Science from East China Normal University in Shanghai.