Within the business of mobile communications the marketplace is clearly defined:

  • There’s an overwhelming need for providers to deliver mobility products and applications where the convergence of platforms, technologies and rich media intersect
  • Developing next-generation technologies that connect people more closely to information, entertainment and each other is critical
  • The path is the use of technology to power the convergence of mobile communications and consumer electronics; deliver more personal wireless devices and services; and make them affordable and accessible to people everywhere
Objectiva Software Solutions Mobile Application Engineering Service delivers.
Objectiva Software Solutions (Objectiva) has hands-on experience developing on the leading mobile technology for our clients, including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile 7 and BREW. Our mobile software engineering outsourcing expertise in China and the U.S. is comprehensive; covering mobile devices, mobile operating systems and platforms. Our technology experience includes:
Mobile Devices Mobile Operating Systems and Platforms
Samsung BREW
Motorola Windows Mobile
Microsoft BlackBerry
Nokia Android
BlackBerry iPhone
Apple iPad
HP Palm
Customer Applications:
Objectiva Software Solutions mobile and wireless experience includes providing application development services to the leading supplier of embedded multi-media solutions for mobile phones. Our client’s software enables mobile phones to take digital pictures, record home movies, play back music and videos, and make two-way videophone calls.
For another client Objectiva’s experienced mobile application engineering teams in the U.S. and China are developing on Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows Mobile 7 for the latest smartphones and tablets.
A third client partnered with Objectiva in China for senior Android developers experienced in multimedia and audio engineering at the driver level.
Applications we’re engineering in close collaboration with our clients include:
  • Location-Based Services
  • Messaging & Synching
  • Mobile Media Streaming
  • Mobile Advertisement
  • Mobile VoIP
  • Gaming and Social Networking
Objectiva has experience in long-term projects for prototype and commercial applications using CE, Palm OS, PPC, PPC/CDMA, J2ME, BREW, SMS applications, and GPRS enhancing software.  Objectiva Software Solutions makes China’s experienced mobile and wireless developers accessible.