Major home improvement store
Legacy system replacement secures continuous uptime
Major home improvement store ditches legacy eCommerce system
Not another outage…Razorfish/Objectiva architect the eCommerce future for our client

This project is seen as the biggest IT success in all of our divisions, including the US.


VP & Chief Architect, Client

Our client and technical services collaboration on this mission critical eCommerce system is extraordinary. Thank you all and congratulations on such a spectacular accomplishment.


President – Razorfish (Objectiva Commerce Business Partner)


The holiday season of 2014 had our client concerned about the ability of its eCommerce site to handle the peak demand.  With outages impacting sales, reputation and customer experience, the writing was on the wall…”it’s time to upgrade our legacy system and join the eCommerce revolution!”

To modernize this mission critical system with numerous integrations in the timeframe was an extraordinary challenge. The client hired Razorfish/Objectiva, confident that they could reach the goal.


The Canadian client migrated from their legacy environment to SAP Hybris, enabling them to scale, meet peaks in demand and sell more than ever before.   The new Hybris system was up and running in November of 2015, allowing the client to start the holiday season with confidence. The results rolled in.

Razorfish/Objectiva deployed more than 80 onshore/offshore team members to the project. There were significant complexities:

  • Business – price variations, tax complexity, sophisticated promotions and complex inventory rules, multiple languages and formats
  • Technology – AEM, Hybris, legacy data migrations and third parties integrations
  • Infrastructure – in-client infrastructure and management

With an intense, one year effort, the team has delivered a high-quality site with excellent user. No problem was too troublesome, no requirement too complex. The resultant system is a hybrid solution running in the client’s data center and leveraging the public cloud infrastructure. Using Objectiva’s China resources for development enabled project managers to hand-off issues and receive turnaround overnight.

Technical Solution
  • SAP Hybris
  • Integration with payment systems – Paypal & Cybersource
  • Integration with SAP ERP for PIM, Order Management and Shipment
  • Shipping/Billing address management
  • Integration with DAM – Adobe Experience Manager/Brightcove/Scene 7

The client is secure in their new solution. The marketing team now runs promotions and sales efforts with confidence, customers have an engaging and inviting experience and vendors assets and information used for their products are up on the site quickly and available for sale in record time.

“The holidays” has a new meaning for the client, their employees and their customers. It’s no longer a threat or a disappointment. It’s an opportunity to excel.