About Project

Project Details:Objectiva worked with the company from concept to deployment by staffing a team that included a senior consultant as team lead and several consultants. The team developed customer correspondence letters in xPression v2.5 then upgraded all letters to v4.1. The team continues to develop documents in V4.1. Technology: EMC xPression, xDesign, xResponse, xTest, XML, Microsoft Word, Windows 7.

  • Prior to engaging Objectiva’s team, Client was running the unsupported version v2.5 of EMC’s xPression product. Since there were several versions between xPression v2.5 and the latest supported version v4.2, it was highly probable that correspondence documents would have fidelity issues once they were upgraded.
  • Developed a repeatable QA process including testing plan, scripts, cases
  • Allowed the Client team to focus on business-as-usual